FAgamin Silver Diamine Fluoride SDF 38% 5ml
FAgamin Silver Diamine Fluoride SDF

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FAgamin contains diamine silver fluoride (Ag (NH3)2F). Other similar products used in caries prevention and dental hypersensitivity have several disadvantages in opposition to FAgamin. When applying silver nitrate (AgNO3) or sodium fluoride (NaF), the dental enamel hydroxiapatite dissociates resulting in soluble calcium and phosphate ions. The action on teeth of diamine silver fluoride is based on the chemical reaction with hydroxiapatite. Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2 + 20 Ag(NH3)2F + 3H2O  10CaF2 + 6Ag3PO4 + 2Ag(NH3)2OH + 36NH4OH Calcium fluoride (CaF2) and silver phosphate (Ag3 PO4) form deposit over the tooth surface, reinforcing and protecting it. This explains the remineralizable effect of Fagamin. Scientific studies reveal that silver ion (Ag+) inhibits bacteria growth and has a strong action against enzymes. Fluoride ion (F-) reduces hydroxipatite solubility and inhibits caries proliferation.

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PACKAGING DETAILS 1 x 5ml Dropper bottle
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